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Spherical Precision has been servicing both steel ball manufacturers and direct users of steel ball products in the U.S. and Europe since 1998. Our customers include major producers in the automotive, bearing, anti-friction devices, furniture, ammunition, sporting goods, magnet and powder metalurgy industries. We hope you find this website informative about our company and the services that we provide for our clients.

Spherical Precision is reputed for providing Highest Precision Ball and Shot products. Our commitment to size, tolerance, and to the environment has earned us honors in some ball and shot markets.

Superb precision and uniformity in our products eliminates the need for modifications or adjustments to your ball or shot loading equipment all together. As the world's leading manufacturer-trader for Steel Ball / Shot products, we have developed an efficient and reliable, one-of-a-kind order/customer service software that allows volume customers to use the ocean shipments as their "flotilla warehouse".